Send your letters and documents within Tonga.

Get a Tonga Post Business Account

  • You’ll need to set yourself up with a Tonga Post Business Account to ensure we can process your payments on a deferred basis for Bulk Mail service. Sign up today to get a Tonga Post Business Account.

Business Bulk Mail Service

  • Business Bulk Mail Service (BBMS) is a cost-effective way to send 100 or more same sized mail items such as invoices, statements, company announcements or promotional mail within Tonga, without the requirement for a statement of accuracy. BBMS has a delivery target of up to three working days.
  • The required postage to send mail by BBMS is based on the size and weight of each mail item. To qualify for BBMS rates, lodgements must be made after 9am and before 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Sending mail by BBMS

  • To send your letters or documents by BBMS you need to ensure that you are sending 100 or more items of the same size and that each item is of the maximum dimensions for letters.
  • When sending mail by BBMS, the following conditions also apply:
    • All mail items must be the same. For example, each item must be the same design, size, shape and within the same weight range.
    • You need to include a Statement of Posting form with an official Purchase Order.

How to prepare your mail for lodgement

  • A Statement of Posting form must accompany all lodgements or the lodgement will be held by Tonga Post until we receive your form. Contact us for details on the form.


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