• Redirect your mail when you move in Tonga or overseas.
    • You can redirect your mail as a household/individual, or business; you can redirect to an address in Tonga or overseas, permanently or temporarily.

Setting up your Redirection

    • You can set up your Redirection for a household/individual at the Nuku’alofa General Post Office. Complete a Redirect Mail form and present some form of identification – Passport, Driver Licence, etc.
    • If you’re applying to redirect business mail, you will need to supply a business authorisation letter on relevant letterhead with the redirection form.
    • You need to apply at least three working days before you would like your redirection to start.

Things you need to know

    • Each redirection service must be from one old address to one new address.
      The minimum two month fee applies to temporary redirections, which are charged the same as permanent.

 Hold Mail

  • We can hold your mail so you don’t have to worry about your mailbox overflowing while you’re away.
  • With our Hold service, everything sent to your postal address is kept safe and secure while you are away. We simply hold all the addressed mail delivered to your address for up to 12 weeks including extensions.
  • The fees depend on how long you want us to hold your mail.