• Poste Restante is an inexpensive service for receiving letters and parcels while you’re visiting Tonga from overseas.
  • The Poste Restante service provides you with:
  • a location to hold mail until you are ready to collect
    • a facility to redirect mail
    • a facility to leave messages
    • storage facilities for parcels to be collected when ready.
  • All Poste Restante mail should be addressed as follows:
    • Name of Recipient
      Poste Restante, GPO


  • The Poste Restante service is free for letters, documents and small parcels held for up to three month. Large parcels can also be held for up to one month – they will be held for the first 10 working days free of charge, and then $5.00 per day thereafter.
    Duration Letters and parcels up to 2kg Parcels 2-30kg
    0 – 10 working days Free Free
    10 days – 3 months Free $5.00 per day
  • You can have mail delivered directly to your home address for an additional delivery fee$5.00.
  • After three months, any unclaimed letters or parcels will be returned to sender.


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