How do I hire a Post Office box service?

To apply for a Post Office box service please fill out an application form at the Post Office you wish to have your mail box located. Physical mail boxes are available on Tongatapu only but we plan to have them available on the outer islands also in the near future. 

How would I receive money using Xpress Money and what are the charges? 

This service is provided only at the Nuku’alofa General Post Office. Customers need to show their XPIN number together with a valid Photo ID preferably a Driver’s License or Passport. Money is received instantly. There are no charges for receiving money.

What is considered a prohibited mailing item?

Dangerous goods, narcotics, flammable, liquids, biological or radioactive substances, obscene or immoral articles.

Can I get my mail delivered directly to my home address?

Yes, please sign up for our eBox service which ensures your mail is brought to your home or office as soon as it arrives in Tonga.

Where can I find a post office in Tonga?

There is one post office on every island in Tonga and is located in the capital city of each island group. With the exception of the island group of Tongatapu and Vava’u, a postal agent represents the post office on the rest of the outer islands. Please contact our head office should you need specific contact details.

What are the opening hours for the post office?

8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 12.00pm, Saturday but only at the Nuku’alofa General Post Office.

How long does it usually take for mail to be sent to or received from a country through Tonga Post?

This usually depends on the mode of carrier used and the country of origin. Please refer to the Postage Guide for more.

What are the size and weight restrictions for Registered Post?

Registered items are usually letters and weigh up to 200g. Please refer to the Postage Guide for more.


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